Mobility Solution


Mobility has been acknowledged as the biggest disruptive medium today.

Mobility has been recognized as the biggest disruptive medium today.

The past few years have seen mobile devices being used for only making calls to a device enabling individuals and organizations to carry out all their day to day activities easily.

Mobility are now helping banks and other financial institutions leverage contextual data to reach out to their customers highly effectively.

In a recent survey it was that today, about 20% of internet traffic is generated just by mobile banking, and banking firms migrating to mobile solutions are experiencing a spike in their user and customer base.

Segmetriq's Mobility solutions for Banking, Microfinance and other financial institutions focus on improving their customer experience, reducing risk and achieving productivity improvements and cost reductions.

Mobility offerings for banking and financial services

Mobile Banking Solution

Accelerate Innovation

Foster Differentiation, Personalization, Simplicity and High Availability.

Mobility is at the centre of the IoT trends driving a connected consumer, with a relentless focus on enhancing the digital experience for consumers. In the last few decades banking industry has undergone through tremendous changes be it regulatory, customer experience or digital transformation. Why the paradigm shift?

Mobile smart phones are now a ubiquitous phenomenon. For people 'on the go' there is no time to visit the bank and stand in queues. Customers need the flexibility and convenience of banking 'anywhere, anytime' so mobile banking allows them to do so irrespective of geographic location, 24x7.

Segmetriq presents a unique customizable and effective Mobile Banking platform which can fit to the banks requirements and serve their customer's growing banking needs.

With this solution, you can support your customers' entire banking journey, right from on-boarding to transactional banking requests, on the mobile device of their choice. The solution offers an extensive range of distinguished capabilities to enrich customer experience and to increase your up-sell/cross-sell success. It helps in reduction of cost of deployment and maintenance of various mobile apps and assures speedy launch of several common features across customer segments.

Mobile Banking framework is made available in two parts

  • Mobile Banking Gateway Server
  • Mobile Banking Native App for Android based Smart Phones.

The Mobile Banking Framework accounts for Low bandwidth to transfer data which are compressed and have encrypted packets, high level of security, flexible and scalable architecture that complies with Indian regulatory guidelines. This one application can efficiently supervise Credit, Saving, Current and NRI accounts and can underpin deposits, recurring deposits, and fixed deposits.

Key Features

  • SOA based architecture
  • UID enabled KYC and customer on-boarding services
  • Account opening facility and fund transfers
  • Integration with CBS and third party applications
  • Real-time information on business transactions
  • Cloud-ready solution
  • Efficient and automatic operations


  • Cost effective Model
  • Improved Business Acquisition
  • Secure authentication modes
  • Integration with CBS and third party applications
  • Offer convenient and real time transactions
  • Flexible, expandable access points by agent network
  • Real-time Accounting status using 2G / 3G / 4G network connectivity

Mobility Platform Portfolio - TAB Banking Services

KYC Services

Regular KYC

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Address

Customer Onboarding Services

No Frills Basic Bank Accounts /Regular Financial Products

  • Savings
  • Current
  • Overdraft

Request Services

  • Term Deposit
  • Demand Loan
  • Term Loan

Financial Transaction Services

Transaction Services

  • Cash Deposit
  • Funds Transfer

Request Services

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement