Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

An interconnected field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning along with a taste of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. It is the broad discipline of creating intelligent machines. In respective machine frameworks of robots, automobiles, washing machines, if its intelligent and smart, its Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning

Commonly used along side Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning dealing with facilities decisioning based on available data.

Deep Learning

To mimic human brain with building more neurons, adding layers and trying to address complexities, we use Deep Learning, subset of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and facilitate in Computer Vision and Robotics. Read about advances in computing from autonomous cars to Go-playing supercomputers to speech recognition, that’s deep learning under the covers.

Natural Language Understanding

Machines communicate with us, a language which we all can understand with proper appropriate intent and grammer. This advancement in machines is done using the Natural Language Understanding engine. Natural language understating comprises of two parts:

  • Natural Language Processing.
  • Natural Language Generation.

Above techniques help machine to understand and process the language.